Conor Drummond, Marketing Lecturer, University College Cork

I would highly recommend the Nordic Workshop on Interorganizational Research to researchers of all levels. As a PhD student, it proved invaluable for the development of my research due to the extensive feedback that is a central tenet of the workshop. Formal feedback is guaranteed as each paper has dedicated reviewers, while a collegial atmosphere results in great informal feedback from peers as well. The workshop has a strong sense of community, where a diversified group of novice and experienced researchers combine effortlessly. This creates a perfect opportunity for you to develop your professional network, while the small and interactive nature versus traditional conferences, helps to break down barriers that may otherwise exist between more experienced academics and those new to the field. The workshop is inexpensive, held in beautiful locations, and is always great fun.

Kristin B. Munksgaard, Professor WSR, University of Southern Denmark

The Nordic Workshop on Interorganizational Research is where I have had plenty of time for inspiring discussions and have been challenged to develop my research further. It is where I have met both junior researchers new to the field and distinguished scholars, whom I have been reading. This is where, I have had the great opportunity to visit new cities in the Nordic countries and where I have had my first experience as an organizer of academic events. I am looking forward to meet you!

Olof Wadell, PhD student, Uppsala University

The Nordic Workshop on Interorganizational Research has offered me a great possibility to get personal contact with fellow PhD students as well as several well-established scholars in the field. The small format is a great advantage which gives a feeling of community that I have been missing at larger conferences. It has been beneficial for my development as a PhD student to present and discuss my work at this workshop.

Bo Mortensen, Post.doc, University of Southern Denmark

I highly recommend that junior researchers participate in the Nordic Workshop on Interorganizational Research. The format of the workshop makes the sessions more dialog-based compared to those at larger conferences. Each presenter is guaranteed constructive and valuable feedback, as there are dedicated reviewers to each paper. Furthermore, there is plenty of time for discussion in each session, which allows for other participants to contribute to the debate. Finally, the workshop has a very relaxed atmosphere, and a good mix of junior and senior researchers.

Anna Bengtson, Professor, Uppsala University

I attended my first Nordic Workshop on Interorganizational Research more than twenty years ago. Throughout the years, the workshop has been an excellent arena to meet researchers interested in similar topics. The time devoted to each presentation leads to deep and constructive discussions. The workshop has fostered a research climate that is addictive and keeps me coming back.

Milena Ratajczak-Mrozek, Associate Professor, PoznaƄ University of Economics and Business

I recommend both young and more experienced researchers to participate in the Nordic Workshop on Interorganizational Research. During the workshop, a long time slot is allocated each article, which leads to detailed and insightful discussions. Without a doubt, this helps to improve the article. The added value of the workshop is its friendly and more informal atmosphere compared to larger conferences. This allows not only to get feedback on the article, but also to establish contacts for future research and sometimes even real friendships.

Audun Reiby, PhD student, Bl Norwegian Business School

When I attended the Nordic Workshop on Interorganizational Research in 2017, I had a great time. First, the workshop is an informal, relaxed, and non-hierarchical meeting place with participants from Northern Europe. For a relatively new PhD student, such as myself, this was a great opportunity to socialize with scholars who had similar interests as myself. Second, since the participants come from different schools with different approaches to researching interorganizational matters, the workshop offers a unique mix of research perspectives. This allowed me to see my own research in a new light.

Klas Hedvall, PhD student, Chalmers University of Technology

For me, the Nordic Workshop on Interorganizational Research equals interesting sessions, inspiring discussions and a great platform for networking – all in an inclusive and friendly atmosphere. The small-scale workshop format enables deep discussions among researchers with different seniority; something that is difficult to find at larger conferences with tighter programs, many tracks and more participants.