Keynote speakers

Kristin B. Munksgaard

Professor with special responsibilities at the University of Southern Denmark. Her research focuses on topics like business-to-business marketing, innovation and relationship management.

Her keynote departs from the challenge in today’s business world of aligning and balancing economic and sustainability goals. The keynote is based on a joint Nordic research project entitled ‘Follow the pig’ and seeks to identify the challenges of reducing the use of antibiotics in pig production as well as contributing to solve current challenges regarding food safety.

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Aino Halinen

Professor at Turku School of Economics, University of Turku, Finland. She has published articles especially on the dynamics of business networks, relationship management and qualitative process methodology. Her current research focuses on foresight and sustainability in business markets.

Her keynote deals with the dominant business-to-business marketing paradigms and the often invisible assumptions that direct disciplinary work in research communities. While the business environment and the society around us are dramatically changing, these paradigms are restricting our thinking, forming barriers to theory development and renewal of our discipline. The keynote is based on a recently published article with Kristian Möller in Industrial Marketing Management.

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