Why join us

Jon Bingen Sande, Associate Professor, Bl Norwegian Business School, Norway

Workshop purpose

The purpose of the workshop is to stimulate discussions among Ph.D. students and scholars within the area of interorganizational research. The workshop provides an excellent opportunity for the participants to present and discuss their research papers in a constructive and supportive environment. The workshop welcomes empirical and conceptual research papers or work-in-progress papers from Ph.D. students, post doc researchers and faculty members.

Call for papers

The workshop covers all aspects of interorganizational research, including topics such as business relationships, firm networks, industry clusters, supply chains and value chains. Relevant themes could be:

  • Interorganizational relationships from a time-, process- and dynamic perspective
  • Innovation in interorganizational relationships
  • Managing and strategizing in interorganizational relationships
  • Policy making from an interorganizational perspective
  • Interorganizational relationships from an internationalization and regionalization perspective
  • Interorganizational relationships in a public-private context
  • Methodological issues of interorganizational research
  • Collaboration and competition in interorganizational relationships
  • Sustainable business development from an interorganizational perspective

Reasons to join the workshop

  • Each paper is given 40 minutes of attention
  • The feedback that you get is relevant and helps you develop your paper
  • Excellent forum for post doc researchers and faculty members to help Ph.D. students
  • Two discussants are allocated to each paper
  • Great possibilities for socializing and networking
  • A supportive and constructive atmosphere
  • It is cheaper to attend the workshop compared to most conferences

Organizing committee

  • Mads Bruun Ingstrup, Chair, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark
  • Annika Tidström, University of Vaasa, Finland
  • Susanne Åberg, Uppsala University, Sweden
  • Morten Abrahamsen, BI Norwegian Business School, Norway
  • Wojciech Czakon, Jagiellonian University, Poland